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Bookkeeper's Corner: A Letter to Parishoners

June 29, 2016

Processing donations to the Offertory, Second Collections and Capital Campaign takes time 
We want to ensure the accuracy of the donations made to each of these accounts. In some instances, the Capital Campaign and Offertory donations have gotten co-mingled when the parishioner did not write “Capital Campaign’ in the memo line of their personal check, bank draft and/or envelope. If no indication is made that the donation is for something other than offertory, it will be counted as offertory. Please HELP US ensure the accuracy of your contributions to All Saints by identifying your Capital Campaign contributions

Please don’t use colored ink when writing out checks. They don’t scan into the system correctly.

Any Vanco user needing assistance with their Offertory & Christmas accounts please contact Peg Diaz at 770-393-3255 X38 or peg@allsaints.us

Please note if you are using a credit card for on-line banking and receive a new card, it is necessary for you to update your information in Vanco as soon as possible to prevent your transactions being declined.  
a. If you are issued a new card with a chip from the issuer prior to the old card expiring, the new card number and expiration date will need to be updated.
b. If your old card expires and the issuer sends a new card with a new expiration date, the expiration date will need to be updated.
c. If you cancel your card and use a new one, the new card number and expiration date will need to be updated.

For St Vincent de Paul contributions:
Please write out a separate check to SVdP and do not comingle your contributions with those for the All Saints offertory and second collections. Having a separate check or cash enables St. Vincent de Paul to process their income on a timely manner and not wait for All Saints. To issue them a check. Keeping the contributions separate also helps with financial audits as SVdP has a different tax id number and undergo a separate audit from All Saints.

For payroll deduction programs:
Those parishioners processing their contributions through a payroll deduction program should contact Peg Diaz at extension 38. We often receive third party checks with no contributor identification. In order to ensure that parishioners receive accurate year-end financial reports, we need to know who is participating in these programs and the name of the third party. 

If you have any questions about the above, you may contact Peg Diaz at peg@allsaints.us or call 770-393-3255 ext.38 

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