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Name Title Department
Bowen, Dozie Parish School of Religion (PSR) Director Staff
Butrum, Jesse Life Teen & Confirmation Coordinator Staff
Diaz, Peg Bookkeeper Staff
Doppel, Paul Deacon & R.C.I.A. Clergy
Duron, Jessica Youth & Young Adult Director; XLT Productions Director Staff
Earley, Scott Lifeteen Ensemble Staff
Fennessy, Msgr. James Clergy Clergy
Foreman, Debbie Parish School of Religion (PSR) Assistant Staff
Foy, Lisa Preschool Business Manager Preschool Staff
Garrett, Bill Deacon Clergy
Grabow, Laura Co-Director, Preschool Preschool Staff
Konopka, Ed Business Manager Staff
Krise, Ed Deacon Clergy
Leach, Laura Administrative Assistant Staff
Long, Hope Preschool Director Staff
Marren, Msgr. Hugh Pastor/Monsignor Clergy
McTighe, Beth Marketing & Communications Staff
Meehan, Mary Communications & PSR Staff
Miller, Danielle Activities Director Staff
Quaglia, Dom EDGE Coordinator & XLT Director Staff
Rogaczewski, Dan Parochial Vicar Clergy
Scholl, Nancy Receptionist Staff
Sotola, Bernie Director of Music Staff
Tierney, Liz Campaign Assistant Staff
Travers, Bennett Multimedia Communications Administration Staff
Trippi, Carla Nursery/Playroom Director Staff