Tai Chi

Mei Zhong Yang Style Taijiquan

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Tai Chi classes at All Saints are taught by Miriam Holland, a 5th Duan Rank teacher. We began our 15th year in January. Classes are Tuesdays at 7:00pm. Most classes are held in the Social Hall, but some are in Kiernan Hall (Scout). Come and see what Tai Chi can do for your fitness, flexibility, relaxation and health.

Taijiquan is the true name for the Chinese martial art popularly called tai chi. Tai chi is a fluid form of martial arts that originated in China. It combines meditation with physical fitness and self-defense techniques. The Yang style is distinguished by its smooth, often very slow movements, with distinct forms and postures, each performed with a continuous flow of one leading to the next. Tai Chi instructor Miriam Holland is a “tudi” or protégé of Cui Zhongsan, a fifth generation Taijiquan master. Cui is an eighth-level Yang Master, placing him among China’s top 20 practitioners. The highest level is the ninth, which consists of “three or four very old masters.” (Miriam is a fifth-level.) He is the head of the Beijing Yong Nian Taijiquan Society, which was founded by his grandfather. His knowledge includes not only the traditional Yang Style training passed down to him by his grandfather, but modern wushu training techniques as well. In addition to his many Chinese students and disciples, Master Cui has numerous students worldwide who train with him. In 1999 Master Cui came to Atlanta for his first U.S. visit. He returns periodically to personally supervise and expand Mei Zhong training.

This is a great opportunity to learn about this ancient method of developing strength, concentration, and flexibility, while decreasing stress. Fee for a 6-week session is $80 or $20 per class. No prior experience required. New members are welcome at any time for $20 per class.

Call Mary at 770-393-3255 x17 for more info.

See a video here: Miriam Holland 26 step form